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We adopted a stray cat (Cheese) about 2 years ago and quickly found out that
she was pregnant.  She was an excellent, protective mother who loved her
kittens.  We ended up keeping one (Cotton), and he grew into a large friendly
cat.  In the past few months she has taken to growling and hissing at her son
whenever he is near her.  Cotton isn't provoking her or even trying to play
when she does this. She is not mean to our other male cat.  They get along
quite well.  Why would she suddenly turn on her son after almost two years?

hi this sort of behaviour is strange and the problem is that it can be difficult to know what has caused the change. it could be what is known as trauma aggression. this is a strange behaviour caused when something scares one cat say like a loud noise or having their tail trod on and instead of blaming the cause of the stress they blame another animals and take their fear out on them. it is quite a common problem but it usual does settle down after a while. i recommend that you separate the two cats for a week and then re introduce them again this will help the fear to subside a lot quicker and hopefully remove the aggression too.

Of course the behaviour may simply be down to the usual hierarchy fights that can sometimes break out amongst cats. i have written a page about cat aggression which may be helpful /aggressive-cat-behavior.html

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