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Hi Kate,

I have two 4 year old cats who are brother and sister (Mikasi-male and Niko-female). Four days ago I had to take Mikasi in for surgery to remove a cracked canine tooth. When I brought him home from surgery (the same day) Niko immediately went into a fight or flight reaction and did much posturing (hissing, low meowing, growling, rearing up on all fours and batting at him) if he looked at her or got close to her. It is still continuing but is a little better. He has not reacted aggressively back to her. Prior to this there has been no problems with the two of them together. Any advice you can give to help Niko overcome her fear is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

This is a classic case of what is known as aggression trauma. the cat who came back from the vet probably smells different and may even be a little upset by the experience themselves. the other cat is sensing this and is reacting to the strange smells and nervousness of the sick cat.

cats express fear or nervousness with aggression. It is not actual aggression just a reaction. The trouble is you have to rebuild the confidence in both cats in each other. the best way to do this is to go through a period of re-introduction. Please see my page about this process here

take your time with this process the slower and calmer the experience the better for your cats.

best wishes kate


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