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QUESTION: I took in a stray spayed female cat approx 1 1/2 years old about 6 weeks ago.  I took her to my veterinarian.  She has received needed shots, dewormed and given something for ear mites and fleas.  I have another female cat & a dog.  She does not want to socialize with my cat and hisses when she tries to nose touch her.  She is afraid of the dog, but yet she has been sleeping on left side each night, while the dog sleeps on the ride side of me.  She does not want to leave the spare room where I have put her litter box and food.  She pees in litter box, but poops outside box.  I am given her very good quality food.  Is all this behavior problems?  How to I correct?  I would like to keep her as she is sweet or is it best I give her up for adoption to a home where there is no dogs?

Pooping is another way for cats to scent mark their territory, it is called Middening. I have written a page about it on my website

I suspect that the cat is still feeling unsettled in the home especially with the other animlas around. It could be worth taking afew steps back and re introducing the other animlas to your new cat again. It is rather a time consuming project but is worth it in the end. I have also written about this process here the process works with dogs as well.

Hopefully in a few weeks all the animals will have settled down togeather. But don't try to rush it, it can take a little while for some animlas.

best wishes

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer.  What about the dog?  How do I get her to not be so afraid of the dog.  The dog wants to play with her like a previous cat I had (he was 15 and passed away a few months ago).  The dog chases her and wants to play.  Any suggestions?

How animals are introduce to each other is very important for both of them to get used to each other and accept each other. However there are never any guarantees that animals will get on. It may just be that they tolerate each other or give each other a wide berth..

I have a web page about introducing animals to each other, it may be worth taking a step back and trying this technique for a week or so to see if they can build up confidence in each other under controlled calm situations..
here is the page /introducing-cats.html the process is the same for dogs.

best wishes kate


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