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All of the sudden my cat decided to start urinating on my bedding while i am sleeping. I have not changed litter brands. The box is always clean and in the same location. He is the only cat in the household. Any suggestions?

this kind of behavior is either linked to a urinary tract problem or a behavior issue. However urinating on bedding is more associated with behavioral issues.

urine is not just used a s ascent marker to other cats but it is also used to comfort the cat as well i.e. make the house smell more like them which makes them feel more secure.

has there been any changed in the house, i.e. new smells , new furniture, moving furniture, new people or animals around inside or out i.e. can your cat see another cat outside which has upset them.  there are many many causes of this problem and does take a little detective work from you to discover what could have made your cat feel unsettled.

I have written a web page about this kind of problem which may be able to provide some answers for you etc. /cat-urine.html

best wishes Kate


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