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QUESTION: I've never seen any female cat spray like a male, but this one does.  I saw her today, on the side of the house where no one goes, spray the house. She was wild, but has lived on our porch for 5 years and is now tame.  I have a preschool on my very large porch and yard and do not want her stinking it up, which she hasn't so far, but why doesn't she dig a hole? Neighbor's cats have even pooped on top of our lawn and there's plenty of gardens around.


cats use there urine as scent markers as you probably know and so even though it usually the male cats that scent like this , female cats will too if they feel threatened by other cats in the area on her territory.

You didn't mention if she was spayed or not. Spaying will help to calm her down and reduce this territorial behaviour.

Best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: Thank you Kate, she was spayed long ago.
What about pooping on top of the lawn?

well again pooping on top of the lawn is used as a signal both visually and by scent to other cats to say hey this is my patch stay off. This is normal cat behavior.

I have a web page about this subject here /cat-poo.html

best wishes Kate


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