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Hello, hope you can help. I have a domestic, neutered male cat,about four years old. He's started a new game, since moving to our new studio flat, which is to wake me very early for his breakfast. Also if I leave the flat he meows constantly,and when neighbors come home, he meows at them through the door.He will also sit and meow and then run to his food bowl. I have always fed him two times each day, morning and night. He has been in the past allowed to go outside, but hasn't been in the last eight months. I know he's probably bored but,I am afraid of his constant meowing and noise problems in my building. I also don't appreciate being woken up at his convenience to feed him. I know I am not suppose to give in, so how many times must I not give in? And I still need to sleep, so him meowing at me and knocking over things in the flat for an hour or two each morning doesn't help. Thanks for any advice and if you need more details, I will be glad to assist. I've been with him since he was a very small kitten.I use a water bottle to deter him, but sometimes this also turns into a game.

well I think you have hit the nail right on the head. he sounds like a bored frustrated cat who now requires more attention from you to keep himself happy and content and thats what all the meowing is about. he is also probably not as tired as he used to be when he could go out and that is why he is waking up earlier for food.

So the answer has to be to try and make his home environment more stimulating and also to help him use up more of his energy. the problem is if you live in a small flat that can be difficult.

All I can suggest is that you take a look at my web pages about indoor cats and playing with your cat for some ideas as to how to try and do this. Also you may want to consider one of those cat videos, some cats respond well to them as they grab there attention and stop them feeling alone or bored when they are by them selves during the day.

here the links to my pages

best wishes Kate


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