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Cats/kittens...with gerbils?


I have 2 gerbils and we want to get a kitten for my sister for Christmas. But I am not giving my gerbils up, so I was wondering (because I have heard of it before) if a kitten could adjust to liking the gerbils and not trying to see them as 'prey'... GULP!
Please help me out. Is there some way we can teach the kitten to ignore them or something? Thanks so much!

well I don't know if it is possible or not to train a cat to not treat animlas like gerbils as prey.

If the kitten is within the first seven weeks of life this is known as the sensitive period and is the time when other animals and people etc should be introduced to them so that later on they are used to them. This may be what people are talking about.

However I have known several people who have small animlas such as gerbils as well as cats and as long as the gerbils are not left out of their cage with the cats around all has been well. The cages also need to be places where it is not easy for the cat to get too or knock over etc.

Best wishes Kate


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