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i have male persian cat,he's 9 months old now i had him since he was 5. i bought a female kitten almost 2 months back she was about 2 months old, both of them got along very well but suddenly something happened and first my male got some virus and got fever i took him to my vet he gave him some injection and medicine, and then he checked the little one and vaccinated her,she was absolutely fine but after 3 days my male got well and active and the kitten Igor temperature too. again i took both of them to my vet, after examining he confirmed that the male cat is absolutely fine and has recovered but the little one has slight temperature, he gave her some shot and said she'll be fine but sadly in a matter of 3 days she tragically and surprisingly died...after her sad death my male missed her so then i talked to my vet. He said that his mating season has started, so i have been looking for a grown up female cat but cant find one as yet and its been 3 weeks now, a week late he suggested that if a cant find a female then he can inject my male cat after which he wont be able for mating for coming six months. My question is that if i go for that injection is it safe?or recommendable??does it have any side effects?and will he be able for mating after six months??

I am not a vet and so cannot comment on if there are any side effects of any drugs etc.

I do find it strange though that a vet would think that this was necessary.

Have you not considered neutering your cat. Unless you are wanting to breed with your cat and bring up kittens yourself There is no need for your cat to mate. A neutered cat does not suffer all the frustrations of a tom cat and indeed are much calmer happier cats.

I have a page about it on my web site for your information here /neuter.html

If you are inteding to mate with him perhaps you could contact one of the pershian cat associations for some advice or they may even know of a breeding queen.

best wishes Kate


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