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Hey there, I have had my cat for the past two and a half years. she has always been friendly and very cuddly. she loves to play with a kitten we've had for about 8 months now. All of the the sudden, she is acting scared of me and my partner and hiding under the sink where no one can see her or get to her.  she does not purr, or jump up on us anymore. shes acting very cold and distant. she runs away from us to hide under things and she wont crawl on me anymore. when i touch her, she seems annoyed, tense, and runs away. shes usually very loving. i would like to know what's wrong with her, if shes feeling ok? there seems to be nothing physically wrong with her and shes eating fine. there is nothing new in her environment (shes an indoor cat) and no loud noises. Thank you for any help you can give!!

when this sort of behaviour occurs and you cannot find anything that may be triggering the change ie new furniture, new perfumes and smells, now people etc. then i would always say that it would be wise to get her checked at a vet just in case thee is some underlining illness that may not be obvious to us but which may be making the cat feel strange and cause the behaviour change.

At least if the vet does give your cat a clean bill of health you will know that the change is purely behavioural and then you can start to try and reassure your cat again. this can be done by confining them to one room for a bout a week with their bed, litter and toys etc (not food let them out for that), this way the cat can become confident in a smaller area before you allow them to explore bigger areas.

Any way get them checked by a vet and take it from there.

best wishes Kate


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