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Cats/8 year old DSH neutered male peeing on beds


I brought home this boy shortly before he entered pound when he was a kitten.  He is neutered, but still clawed.  For several years, we did not even need a litterbox in the house.  We have 5 acres and he usually went outside to potty.  He has acess to the house 24/7 via our dog door (yes we also have dogs).  He has never seemed to mind the dogs or anything else.  One night, a couple weeks ago, we found that a cat had peed on the bed.  We weren't sure which cat until a night ot two later, the cat came into our room while we were sleeping, meowed twice, jumped up on the bed in front of my husband and started peeing.  I have since seen him outside peeing, but he has peed twice more on our bed, and three times on my son's bed in his room.  I am so tired of cleaning sheets and beds.  Any thoughts?

this behaviour is quite common and beds do seem to be the main target. this is mainly due to the fact that your scents are strongest here and this makes your cat feel secure and safe in this area.

this behaviour is usually brought on when something has happened to the cat that has made them feel insecure or threatened and the urination is there way of spreading their own scent which in turn helps to make them feel more secure in their home.

the problem is discovering what could be the cause of the upset. There are many many possibilities.

There may be a new cat in the area that has worried your cat, or things may have changed in the home ie furniture being moved around, or new things brought in with strange smells etc.

the first thing you need to do is to make sure that there are no traces of his urine smell on the bed things , often we can't smell it but they can. This will encourage them to use the same area again if they smell their urine. you will also have to prevent access to your cat to the bedrooms for a few weeks to break the cycle.

perhaps a little detective work in what may be causing the problem but usually the problem subsides once the habit has been broken and the cat gets used to the new thing or what ever it is.

i have several pages about this type of problem etc you may find it of some more interest to you. here is the first page

Don't worry I think every cat owner goes through something like this from time to time.

best wishes Kate


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