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Cats/Cat only had one kitten and hasn't used her kitty litter since


Hi My cat had one kitten 24hrs ago, she is eating well and drinking but she hasn't used her kitty litter since. Is this normal and also I read that there can be a delay of up to 36 hrs between kittens being delivered could this be the case with my cat?

I wouldn't worry just yet. Your cat has been through a traumatic and unusual experience for her and it may take a few days for her to get back to her usual routine.

As for the 36 hour delay, this is rare it is more normal for kittens to be born a few hours a part rather than the next day.

The only reason a kitten may still be inside is if a kitten was stuck or still born, however if your mother cat is producing milk for her kittens then this is not the case as they only produce milk once all the kittens are born.

if your cat still has not been to the toilet in another day or so, telephone the vet for some advice.

i have a web page about cat constipation and some on kitten care etc which you may find of interest here are the links

best wishes kate


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