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My female, spayed cat is 2 years old. She is extremely active and playful. For some reason, she randomly- very randomly- urinates on 1) our papasan cushion or 2) the back cushion of the couch, but only if it is lying flat on the couch or on the floor. One time she urinated on a deflated air matress that was folded on the floor, and one time she urinated on a pile of clothes. She never defecates outside her box. She is not sick, because she uses the box on a regular basis. I keep it clean, and use sweatscoop. She has a hooded box, and I would get an uncovered one, but she digs so vigorously that there would be more litter outside the box than in. I would estimate that she has urinated on the papasan about 5 times (over the course of 2 years) and the couch cushion twice (in a period of 4 months). I have the urine-off spray that is supposed to block the scent, and we dry clean them each time. The only common link between the two cushions is that they both came from houses where other cats lived. However, she didn't do this until months after I had them in my house. It is getting frustrating, even though it happens infrequently, and because it happens so infrequently, I feel like much of the info on the internet is not helpful to me.

often when a cat urinates in unusual places it is behavioural rather than due to sickness.

It is difficult for us humans to understand why they do it and often the cause can be quite mystifying for us. never the less urine is used for territory marking as you know but also is used a s a way to make the cat feel more secure in their home environment. ie it smells of them and so must be Ok.

rather than me trying to explain further can I ask that you take a look at my web pages which i have written about this very subject. they will be able to give you more information about the possible causes etc.

here are the pages

best wishes Kate


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