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My two male cats, both 5 years old (and neutered) have suddenly started to fight really bad. The one cat has always been very skittish and obviously the underdog where the other one openly bullies him and our dog too. Now, the skittish cat has suddenly started to attack and hurt the alpha cat who does not seem to know how to react. They don't usually hurt each other, except for a few scratches here and there, but I now cut their nails to avoid that. They never got along great, they would play in the past but that would often turn into a fight but nothing like this and they rarely groom each other; They tolerated each other I guess. Nothing has changed in our household that I can think of that would cause this. Do you know what I can do? Should I let them fight it out? I just don't want all this fighting going on, I 'm worried one of them will get really hurt as it seems to be going on almost daily now.Any suggestions as what I can do to make them tolerate each other again?

well this is either a case of the worm that turned ie the under dog has decided that enough is enough and is trying to win the position of top cat. this is not unusual and is a natural instinct. or it is a case of trauma aggression when something has made one cat afraid ie a loud bang , having their tail stepped on etc and are blaming the other cat for the upset.

the only thing i can suggest is a period of about a week of separation ie put one cat in a room with their bed, litter, water and toys (must come and feed alone in their usual place) then after a few days start to re introduce the other cat please see this page on my web site for more about this re introduction

Hopefully a period of re settlement and calmness will help them over this period of aggression..
best wishes Kate  


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