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I have 4 cats: 1 I've had for 10 years and 3 2-year-old cats we took in from outside when they were small kittens.  They've always gotten along great up until a couple of days ago.  We close all the cats in the cellar at night because they tend to wreak havoc and keep us awake at night.  I awoke to two of them fighting savagely and hissing and growling.  I had to pry them apart.  Over the next couple of days, different ones have been taking turns fighting.  It seems they're all mad at each other at different times.  They had one normal day and then today went back to fighting or hiding under the beds all day.  I don't know what could have happened.  Help!

it can be impossible to tell what might have caused this sudden change in attitude to each other.

The trouble is the only thing that may help is a period of separation and then reintroduction as described here /introducing-cats.html
it gives the cats time to calm down, get used to there own space and then to meet the other cats in a controlled manner.

best wishes Kate


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