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Hi Kate

our cat is now just over a year old, when we first got her we lived in a top floor flat so she never went out we have now however moved to a house with a garden - but she is terrified of going out that is my first question?

we know she has to go out as she obviously has too much energy to stay in because - to put it simply the cat is a nutter - she doesnt play with any of the toys we have bought her instead she will happily scratch at the carpet or chairs (ruined our sofa) we live in a rented house and are going to lose our deposits if it doesnt stop, she will sprint around the house climbing door frames and sliding all the way down with her claws out?

She loves our attention and doesnt leave us alone constantly miowing at us following us around even sitting on our laps whilst we are on the toilet etc.

the main problem comes at night when she scratchs at the door and has pulled all the landing carpet up constantly clawing at it and waking us up - If we let her in the room she doesnt sleep - she will attack our feet or chase her tail all the time with her claws out, orwill tread all over us walk on our faces etc - we are generally getting no sleep sleep either way.
We have a baby due in 3 weeks and are dreaind how she will react - we also have concerns that she will claw and attack the moses basket and cribs etc???

I hope you can offer some advice - I know she has to go out - its just getting her to go and I also know that my wife is not happy with her staying out all night.

Many Thanks

well this is not unusual if the cat has never gone out before. my sister had a cat who was terrified of going out but then he did have an eyesight problem.

Your best bet to take go outside with her for the first week or so. Go out with her on a lead if that is possible and just walk around the garden with her, or perhaps carry her around the first few times. At first just go out for a short while and gradually increase the time. She will get used to it and will probably become very curios does sound like your cat has a lot of energy and the clawing can be a sign of frustration (my cat does it when she can't get her own way). So if you can get her used to going out that behaviour will probably stop, you will always need clawing places for her, like mats and posts.

In the areas where she does claw like the carpet at the door etc spray with a strong smelling lemon sent every day, cats dislike this strong smell and it should help to break this habit in these areas also.

I wouldn't worry about the baby, it is a natural reaction for new parents to worry about the cat and a new baby, but really there is nothing to worry about as long as the baby and the cat are introduced slowly to each other so that the cat can get used to the new smells etc.

i have lots of web pages on my site about all of these issues i will put a few links here for you

best wishes Kate


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