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My cat symbah is crying all the time constantly, she does'nt eat much, but she use to eat a lot when i first got her.Her cries sound like a baby crying. Symbah lifts her bottom half up and start crying even louder.Im all out of thoughts and ways to making her feel safe and comfortable. I dont want to lose her but her cries lets me know that something is'nt right and she needs help. Please respond back as soon as possible. Thank you: Unique

this is a difficult question to answer as meowing can just be a sign of communication (some cat breeds are more vocal than others) and sometimes it is a sign of distress etc.

All I can suggest is that if you feel that her behaviour has changed significantly recently and if she is displaying other abnormal behaviour like not eating etc then your first port of call would be to get her checked by a vet to be on the safe side.

Other wise can I ask that you read my web page about cat crying for more information. here is the link

best wishes Kate


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