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I have an 8 year old female cat, Tia. I have had her since she was a kitten but she was rescued from an abusive owner before that. As a result, she is a very nervous cat and does not fight. About a year ago my next door neighbour sent her cat from Dubai over here as she was moving back and it has been terrible ever since. She attacks my cat at every opportunity, when my cat is inside, she will come up to the window of whichever room she is in and yell the most horrible meaow at her. Tia cannot sleep properly and she will no longer go into the garden unless she has to do the toilet, and even then she does it as quickly as possible. I even got in the middle of one fight and had to get bandaged by a nurse as it was so bad. When  I try to put her outside her whole body shakes and she growls even when there is nothing there.

It is breaking my heart to see her so unhappy. I can almost control it for now as I have my neighbour’s keys during the week to walk her dog so I keep her cat in all day so Tia can have a break. I have spoken to them and they do not know what they can do. Next summer I am moving out of my parents’ house into a flat and as much as I love Tia, I do not want her living in a flat. I know she would be perfectly happy when I move out if only my neighbour’s cat would leave her alone.

Please help me, I’m at my wits end!!!


a difficult situiation without an easy answer i'm afraid. My own cat had similar problems with an aggressive cat in the garden and just wouldn't go out there any more, prefering instead to go out the font door. Luckily for me my cat just wanted to avoid the aggressive cat but would put up a fight when attacked.

Is your neighbours cat spayed? If not this may help as it would calm her down. Apart from that unfortunately they are doiung what cats do in the wild, defend territory etc,. And if your cat refuses to stand her ground and fight back then she will always have to play second fiddle and be prepared to stay away from that territory.

Usually what happens is that both cats will have some spats, they often sound much worse than they really are as it is not in a cats best interest to get insured as in the wild they could die of their injuries, instead its all about warning shots and who looks and sounds the most fierce. They usually come to some sort of agreement in the end where they either just give each other a wide berth, or just stay away from certain areas owned by the other cat. Usually this keep the peace .

You may have to decide that if your cat is just too timid or fearful that you make her a indoor cat permanently, making sure of course that her inside world is full of activity and stimulus to keep her entertained and happy.

The only other option is that you leave the cats to sort out there own agreement. yes this might mean some more hissing and little spats but might help your cat to become stronger. After all a timid cat may always be scared but a cat that can at least learn to stand her ground or except another cats superiority will have more confidence generally.  But of course the final decision is down to you and your circumstance.

I do hope something can be sorted out soon

best wishes Kate


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