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i have 2 cats both female and both spayed ,boots is  just over 2 and the other is mitzi 18 monthes the eldest has never realy come to you and shows no affection and will sit and wait for her food to be put down the younger will rub her self all around your legs and is so loving . Last year the elder cat boots came in 1 sunday morning and i noticed that her whiskers on 1 side had been cut off they where straight and so even so i knew that she hadn't got caught in something , her behaviour has become more spiteful to all the family she hisses at us if we approach her and will try and scratch us too we have never been spiteful to her in anyway or form and is also spiteful to the smaller cat this behaviour is getting us all down and if they both stay in at night they go mad up and down the stairs screaming etc the older 1 also makes a growling noise in her throat please have you any advice .Tracey

well I don't know what to say about this.
I am wondering if someone else is being mean to your cat i.e cutting her whiskers etc and this is the reason for her change in behaviour towards you all.

the trouble is there is not much you can do about this.

Cats are naturally more active at night so this is normal behaviour for cats. You could try feeding them just before bedtime to help make them settle down themselves through out the night.

perhaps you could try a period of house confinement to try and re settle her at home, but this can be difficult for a cat that is used to going out.

Also you could try to bond with her again. please see my page about bonding with a cat /new-cat.html

best wishes Kate  


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