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Hello My name is Majida or Madge
I have 3 cats two males and one female. My problem is the first male cat never covered his potty. In fact he goes potty on our lawn like a dog. I used to let him go in a litter box but because he never covered it the smell was unbearable so now he goes outside. Now the other male who is younger does the same thing . Why do they do this it is so strange I have had cats before but they never did this .My problem is my neighbor is starting to complain about my cats and tell me to put them in a box or cage. I worry about them a lot. My older male cat disappered for two days returned to me bitten by a dog and lost one eye. Luckily we did not lose him . Though before i found my cat there was blood marks on my driveway . Though a vet said it looked like he was bit by a dog. How do I get my cats to use the restroom better so my neighbors don't do something?

firstly I am assuming that they are both neutered as this is usually the reason male cats leave their faeces on view as it is used a visible territory marker as well as a scent one.

Neutered males would not normally do this unless they they were feeling stressed or worried and felt the need to mark their territory.

If it is just a case of a bad habit or not really having learnt properly how to use a litter tray in the first place, then the only thing you can do is to carry out a period of re training which does involve confining them to a room 9 you would have to do this separately with your cats. Please see the bottom of this page for the process /cat-poo.html.

It may also be worth trying to use a different litter tray and litter perhaps something like cat attract will help them get used to using the tray. Please see my page about that here /cat-litter.html

I hope I have been able to help

best wishes Kate


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