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We have a male and female from the same litter.They have both been fixed.Over the past couple of months the female has started chirping and barking whenever the male comes in the room. When we say her name to get her to stop she chirps at us and then walks off somewhere, behind the couch, to the cat tree, and continues to chirp and backtalk.  It's just something recent.  The male is MUCH larger than the female so we thought maybe he was bullying her but we have seen no indication of that.  Any ideas?

well chirping and other cat sounds is quite a common form of communication for some breeds of cats. Also females tend to be more vocal than males.

It doesn't sound like anything to worry about it may just be a greeting call..

i have a web page about cat meows etc which may be of interest here is the page /cat-meowing.html

best wishes Kate


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