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Cats/new kitten smelling previous cat?


I just brought home a 7 week old kitten.  When she encountered the carpeting on our basement stairs she began scratching vigorously, her hair seemed to rise and she looked as if she was very excited - as if playing - with the carpet.  This happened 3 times and did not occur elsewhere in the house.  I believe there used to be a cat in the home before we moved here & I think the basement carpeting was the only flooring not replaced.  Is it possible she is smelling that cat?  (I do not smell anything on the carpet).  Maybe she really likes the texture of the carpet? Should I be concerned about allowing her in this area?  I want to avoid urine accidents!  Iwas contemplating placing her litter box there when she is a bit bigger but now am thinking twice.

yes it does sound like she can smell the previosu cat or at least something is making her excited.

You can try cleaning the carpet and then sprinkling bicarbonated soda on for an hour t get rid of any remaining smells and then vacuuming it up.

I wouldn't worry to much but it is worth giving them a thourough clean to prevent any usrine accidents.

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