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hi,i have a persian-X 7 months old male cat he realy freindly and calm and playfull,but he changed alot since we got a new female persian 4 months old from 1 week,although he eats with her and drinks and aslo spary but he myaws in a verry starnge and loud way all the time.naw he is not frindly any more he hates us verry much he is verry scared of us and he is loosing weight,although the new cat is not harmfull she is veryy freindly,he fights with her when ever he sees her he jumps on her and bites hardly and she doesnt fight back she is very scared of him,i dont know wat to do with them i love them both but im realy afraid of him and why he is acting so verry agressive but not all the time when ever he feels so and starts myawing in a loud scary voice, when i leave home i saparet them but they 2 start myawing what should i do??Please help me find a quick solution for them many thanks you from my heart many regards

firstly and most importnatly you must have him neutered if you have not already done so. This behavior sounds like a young male cat behaving aggressivily because he defending his territory and is getting all these new feelings ie sexually. Young cats who are not neutered are often aggressive as they are experiencing new hormones and feelings etc.

Apart from that you should also reintroduce the cats to each other slowly over a few weeks (follow this procedure /introducing-cats.html) it may help to calm him down and get used to her but only if he is neutered and is not tertorial etc.

best wishes Kate


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