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Cats/urinating anywhere but the litter tray


Kittin in a 2 yr old moggy, indoor cat that is trained to leash ect and loves going outside, i recently built her a large kitty cage so she can go outdoors but not get any of the aussie wildlife, she has been using the cage for the past 4 weeks but from week 2 onwards when she comes inside at night time an needs to pee she has been using the couch her litter tray is clean as it is checked everyday but she wont use she will pee on the couch insteadm, but she will use the litter for a numba 2 she had previous problem with peeing where she was not supposed to but i have attended to this problem and she stopped doing it. yet now she is doing it again it isn't a new couch so i no it isn't the couch itself. is there a natural deterant that i can use to stop her using the couch as a litter tray after it is cleaned yet again?

cats don't like very strong citrus smells so you could try and spray a lemon and water scent over the couch to see if that deters the cat.

I would say that the behaviour is probably caused by her reacting to all the smells of the other animals she smells while outside and so is re affirming her indoor world as hers with her smell. this is normal behaviour with cats that have a lot of competition from other animals in the area.
There is not much you can do about this, apart from using deterrent smells like the citrus.

best wishes Kate


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