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I need help before I have cat put down. There has been no changes in the house with this cat.He is a 1 year old male neutered cat we also have another 2 year old male neutered cat. This cat urinates in the litter pan but poops on the linoleum floor. He goes into the bathroom a couple times crying and if I put him in the pan he jumps out and runs and hides. When I am not watching he goes in and poops on the floor. I have not changed the litter brand, moved the pan, got another cat, clean the litter 1+ times a day - nothing, nada, nope not a thing has changed. What do I do??????

This may sound a bit of a nuisance but my cat will not poop in her tray if she has urinated in it and i have not cleaned it away. This could be the same with your cat.
Also do you have separate litter trays for each of your cats? Cats do not like to share litter trays because of the smell of the other cat.
If the behavior continues you may have to try the isolation training method described here on my website /cat-litter-box.html

There is always a reason why a cat does something like this, it is not bad behavior but has a cause. the trick is finding that cause and putting it right. Try my suggestions for a good while as sometimes behavior takes a time to change as it can easily turn into habit.

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