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Cats/Cat driving me NUTS!


My cat is younger than a year and just recently started cooing constantly. I mean constantly. Then she's walking like a military crawl sometimes really low to the ground and crawling...i don't know how else to explain it, but other times if you ignore her, she does the very loud obnoxious meow. She's also been rolling around alot...please help! She's driving me crazy!

has your cat mean spayed? If not then these noises can be the sound they make when they come into season. It can be a very persistent and unusual sound for anyone who hasn't head it before. The only solution is to have them spayed.

If she has been spayed then it could be that you just have a very vocal cat, mine can be quite noisy at times. This is something which is difficult to stop if not impossible. If you respond to her meows then she will continue to do them, so if you stop responding then over time she may learn that it is pointless meowing at you.



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