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This evening our 2 and a half year old cat has been acting strange.  I was cooking dinner and he came army crawling to me, meowing, and then huddled at my feet.  Shortly after that, he ran downstairs and has been huddled right next to his littler box; but hasn't used it.  He is afraid of thunderstorms and usually hides under our bed during a storm, but there is not a thunderstorm and I checked the weather and nothing on the way.  I'm worried that he's not feeling well or that something else might be wrong.  Any suggestions?  Should I be worried?  Thank you!

interesting. It is odd behavior, but unless something else has frightened him, i think you could be right and be worried a little that he is not feeling well. Watch him for the rest of the day, see if he eats, and drinks and uses his litter tray. If his behavior is the same tomorrow and he is not eating etc i would suggest taking him for a check up just to be on the safe side.

Hopefully though he has just been startled by something and considering he is a nervous cat any way that would not be surprising.

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