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Cats/My Cat is peeing on the couch and bed ???


My Cat Salem, I have rescued him and his Brother  when they were 7weeks old and have them just about 5 years ago now. This all started when he was about 1years old He peed on my bed When I moved in with my parents. I thought no big problem we moved new place. Mayed him feel loved. Keeped him locked up with kitty litter for a week only letting him out with super vision. He was fine or so i thought we started to let him out all the time. After a few weeks he started to pee on my parents sofa in the night or early morning so I took him to the vet to be checked out and he was fine a behaver problem recomened the fair way spray. I did every thing that they had asked. He stopped we moved and I know that it would happen again. I got two litter boxes and clean then daily. Still is doing it. I am getting to my limit I love him so much and treat him like a king.Just a note his brother doesn't pee any were but the litter box. I live with mats on everything so if he does pee  it doesn't rowen my couch or bed. I have to do laundry 3 times a week in a laundry mat. I need some other suggestions i am going mad and i don't want to take it out on the cat. If i change his food to some thing with a urinary track /low oder would that help is the ph in his urine to high??? I am just graping at straws now Pleases help if you can Thank You.
Fiona And Salem

you didn't mention if he was neutered or not. If not then that would be a cause. If he has then he must be feeling either insecure in his environment and trying to make the home feel and smell like him to make him feel secure or he feels threatened by the other cat and is urinating to use the smell as a territory marker.

Make sure the two litter trays are not near each other as the odor of the other cat will put them off using their tray. Make sure they are cleaned of urine as soon as possible as sometimes this puts them off too (it does my cat). try the isolation cat litter training again /cat-litter-box.html. If that fails try using the cat attract litter /cat-litter.html which is designed to attract cats to the litter tray.

I know this is distressing but it is also distressing for your cat too as this behavior is not bad behavior but caused by instinct and possible insecurities. i wish the best of luck in tracking down the cause of the problem.


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