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Hello.  We have several "wild cats" that are in our yard constantly. Recently, we have smelled a strong odor in our kitchen.  We are trying to get rid of the smell and deter the cats from spraying near our house.  We also have an indoor kitty, ourselves, he has never been outside, and has never urinated anyway but his litter box.  I am assuming since it has been very rainy and damp and humidity has been higher, that is why we are smelling it inside, but wondering how to rid the smell and how to keep the kitties away from our home.

it is common for feral cats to spray around doors where other cats live as a marking indicator.
There are a few products on the market that can be bought to try and deter cats from the property but they do not guarantee that it will stop cats completely.
I always recommend spraying diluted lemon juice and water around door frames and out side walls as cats really don't like citrus smells. Also pots of strong smelling herbs deter cats too. A neighbor of mine dangles old CD's on string from the bottom of her trees and doors to deter cats and it seems to work for her.

You may have had a new tom cat move to the area and this is why you are smelling the odors as you know it can be very pungent.

I hope the problem sorts itself out soon for you
best wishes


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