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Well, this is a strange situation. My elderly in-laws have 3 cats and one managed to get the air vent cover off, and 2 of the cats are now in the vents between the main and lower level floors. Various asundry of relatives have drilled holes in the ceiling of the basement, and the cats can be heard, but will not travel to any escape route. Apparently they are now out of the vents and can be heard walking on top of the ceiling drywall between the floor rafters.

Do you have any advise on how to lure them to an opening? We have made several locations where they could climb down onto ladders or boxes, but after 11/2 days, no escape cat antics have occurred.

My mother-in-law is getting desperate, and last night called the fire department (you can imagine that scene)

any tactics or advice would be appreciated - Barbara

it is unlikely that the cats are stuck, just exploring. So as soon as they get hungry enough they will find their way out. Place particularly stinky food like fish near an opening to get their attention. If you think they will bolt back down into the vents afterwards perhaps you could ask to borrow some cat traps from the local animal shelter and place the food in there.
Apart from that I'm afraid i do not have any other advice, i wouldn't worry to much, cats are very agile and it would be difficult for them to get stuck, plus they are smart animals and will always find their way to food once hungry.
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