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My cat meows at night.  He has free roam of the apartment, food, water, etc.  If I get out of the bed and go in the living room and sleep on the couch he stops meowing.  He sleeps on the bed with me, but when he wakes up he starts going at it.  I have another cat, so he's not lonely, even thought they don't get along, which is  whole other issue.  How can I get him to stop?  He is a nine month old snowshoe.

this is a common problem I'm afraid. Cats are most active at night and so this is when they want to play, hunt and generally have your attention. It is a behavior that needs to be checked as soon as possible otherwise it will be harder and harder to stop in the future.
I do warn you it is a hard behavior to stop anyway as it requires you to never give in not even once and to be persistent and constant with the way you react to his meowing.
I have placed a link to my webpage about this behavior as it gives advice there on what to do in this situation. the one thing i always recommend though is that about an hour before you go to bed have a real play game with your cat, chasing string/balls etc, they are just like kids and the more you can wear them out the better.

Heres my page /cat-meowing.html

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