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Hi Kate,

I'm having an issue with my 4-year-old tabby. He has had a habit in the past of peeing on my bed when he's mad at me. This is usually from me traveling anywhere for more than one night. Lately, I've been gone most weekends for work and travel. EVERY time I come home he has peed right in the middle of my bed. I got one of those plug-in cat pheromone air fresheners, but it hasn't worked. I make sure his litter box is clean, but it doesn't matter.

I've finally resorted to covering my bed in a waterproof mattress cover before I leave. This seemed to work (but was a pain), until this past time, he peed AGAIN when I took it off, right where I sleep. He used to only pee once. This was the first time he did it twice.

I was worried he might have a health issue, but he ONLY does it when I travel. When I'm home he has no problem using his litter box.

Is there anything I can do to make him stop this? It's incredibly annoying!


Hi Nikki
my cat does exactly the same. She will use her litter tray all other times but if i go away for a few nights she will wee on my bed right where i sleep. Basically it is a stress thing, and so to make themselves feel more secure they will scent an area that smells very strongly of you. It's not a punishment to you at all, it's just that it helps the cat feel closer to you and builds a bond between you both by using scent. I know it sounds weird to us but cats have a whole different set of signs and language which they use to mark territory or to help them feel secure.
With our cat we know ask our neighbor to look after her fro the couple of days we are away and she only comes in to feed with them around, this has worked for us and she seems fine when we return, as she has still had attention from our neighbor and has had limited access to the house.
I hope you can find a way to help your cat feel more secure while you are away, or restrict their access to your bed.

Best wishes


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