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I have a long hair domestic cat that is 11 years old named Peppermint. For the last 2 months she has been pooping on either my daughter's or my bed. She uses the liter box regularly and pees in it. I keep box clean and empty the solids 2 times a day. This morning she used the liter box and then 10 mins later I heard her on my bed scratching the bedspread. I went to her and she was in the squatting position, I called her name and she started howling and hissing and proceed to poop, then she went in circles all the while hissing with a few howls still looking like she was going to poop again. She didn't and now she is sitting quietly on her pillow looking out the window.

I have another cat who is 13 years old and can be quite aggressive her name is Misty. After reading this forum I think she has thyroid problems because she has lost a lot of weight and is quite active and steals our socks at night to play with them while she dashes around the house and howls (only at night). The 2 have grown up together and never got along but both kept their own space and distance from each other.Recently, Misty has been fighting with Peppermint and chasing her. I've broken up several fights between them. I'm wondering if Misty's aggression is the reason for Peppermint's pooping behavior. Although Misty wasn't around when Peppermint pooped on my bed this morning, nor was Misty around when Peppermint used the liter box before the pooping incident. Peppermint has always been a nervous cat. Anyway, is this something I should take Peppermint to the vet about?

yes it is likely that the pooping is caused by your other cats aggressive behavior towards her. This kind of behavior is called middening and is used as a marker when a cat feels very insecure and feels the need to mark their territory. Unfortunately it vs not something the vet can do anything about, it is all about making the cat feel safe and confident again, this can be difficult but can be done over time. Please see my link page about this sort of behavior and what to do about it.

I hope things work out for you all soon
best wishes


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