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I have a 12 week old male kitten who has a lovely nature, very affectionate, purry and playful, however yesterday he carried one of my sons soft toys from his bedroom to downstairs in his teeth and when I approached him he growled,hissed and scratched me, his tail was swishing and his ears were back.He later left it and went back to his 'normal' self. Why is he doing this and what should I do?

Hi, if your 12 week old male kitten has not been neutered then this could explain the behavior especially if he doesn't have access to female cats. the toy represents a female cat and male cats can become quite aggressive during the mating ritual. he is also full of frustration too. If he is not neutered then it would be kinder to have it done soon. /neuter.html

If he has been neutered it could just be a way for him to lean his hunting skills and he is using the toy as pretend prey and you know what cats are like if you try to take away their food. Cats always retain their natural hunting instincts, so if this is the case i would let him continue as it is a way for him to express his instincts.

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