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Hi I have a house cat which is just over 1 year old and can be quite naughty and hyperactive at times.  She runs around making silly noises and doing things she knows are naughty. I was wondering if this was because shes lonely and as we live in a flat she is unable to go out although she is very timid and nervous so i dont think she'd go out even if she could.  I been thinking about getting another cat of a similar age so she has a friend but am a bit unsure whether this would make her more exitable or calm her down? I would really apprechiate somebody elses opinion.

you could be opening up a whole can of worms getting another cat or they could settle down and be ok. Unfortunately it's like tossing a coin, you can never tell whats going to happen. All i can say is this, it is unlikely that her running around etc is because she is lonely , more a natural behavior for a young cat full of energy. If she is not spayed this will also make her more hyperactive and destructive (through frustration). As long as she has plenty of toys and activities to do around the flat during the day when you are out she will be fine.

If you do get another cat make sure that they have been socialized with other cats from a very young age. Otherwise it could be difficult for them to accept your cat. Also you will have to introduce them very slowly (see my page about doing this below) again if you do not you could end up with some unpleasant cat fights on your hands.

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