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hi Kate
I have a cat who is about 1 year old.
I was wondering what would happen if she is reunited with her mother.
I know the mother because she is my aunties cat.
Her mother is very friendly if that helps.
What will happen if they are reunited.

Unfortunately it will make no difference to your cats if they are related or not they don't have the same sentimentalities as us humans. In fact it all depends on how used to just having other cats around during their life. For instance a cat that from a very young age has been used to having other animals around will not react as strongly as a cat that hasn't been.
Basically the cast will see each other as a possible territory threat, however how strong this reaction will be will depend on what i have said about them being used to other cats.
If you are lucky all that may happen is some little spats and hissing before they get used to each other. Other wise you may have to go through the whole introducing cats to each other procedure (see my link to my site about this)
I hope everything works out fine for you all and thank you for contacting me. I have lots of useful cat information on my site and welcome new visitors.



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