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Cats/maine coon boys and spraying


QUESTION: I have amaine coon kitten  pure breed red tabby  boy.  He is  almost 6 months old. I was wondering if you could give me info on when and if he  might  start spraying as the breeder is interested in using him for  a  stud for at least once. I Live in an apartment here in the USA. So I am worried. We have three other cats all fixed. 2 females and one other male. So any help would be good. If he  starts spraying and then I get him fixed will he still continue to spray? HELP!!!!!!
Carissa Trotter ( New Zealander in the usa)

I'm a little confused. I am assuming that by spraying you mean when will become sexually mature as this is one of the reasons for spraying.
Cats become sexually active from as young as 5 months old and so as you say he is 6 months old now he will probably start to show signs such as spraying soon.
Once a cat is fixed this type of spraying stops as they no longer need to leave their scent around for females cats and as a warning to male cats.
I hope i have understood your question correctly and that i have answered sufficiently.

P.S I use to have a red Maine coon tabby boy, they are wonderful aren't they?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Kate, still not  sure if he will start marking his  place as the breeder told me  Maine coon boys are not able to breed till they are a minimum of 1 year old  till 18 months. so not sure if I should take the risk of not  getting him  fixed till he is older. Oh yes His is my  first ever maine coon I waited 22years till I could get one as they are too pricey in New Zealand and he is my dream cat. He is such a love. although he is naughty to the other cats by jumping on the girls and biting there back. I  would love to stay in contact with you and maybe send you a picture of my beloved boy. all the friends I can get are much appreciated. bit isolated here in Holland Michigan.
Thanks again Kate
Carissa Trotter

I must admit i have never heard of the main coon not being able to breed to much later. I can't see why that would be . Anyway it sounds like he is getting a bit frisky now, jumping on females and biting their necks is a sure sign.

Thank you for sending in your cats name to my site, why not go to the your picture section and send us a picture of your cat with a little bit about him, he will then go onto my gallery where people can vote for cat of the week.

Yes certainly keep in touch, i am a little isolated too even though i live in London it can be a very lonely place sometimes especially as i work alone at my computer all day.

Hope to hear from you soon



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