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have 2 brothers that we adopted together @ 8 weeks old about 2 1/2 yrs ago. One recently got sick and was in hospital/vet for 3 days. Upon bringing him home yesterday, his brother has been constantly hissing and not accepting his brother back at all! I've rubbed him down w/ old blankets they both slept on, separated the two last night (they were home alone togehter today). But he is still visisibly upset and contiunes to hiss.  The sick kitty seems to have no clue why he is acting this way and continues to try to be around him. Very sad! Do I need to try regualar introduction techniques? I would have thought since they are brothers and grew up together it wouldn't be an issue! help!

this is a common problem and it is called trauma aggression. It is caused when something has upset one cat and blames the other cat for it, even if the other cat is not at fault. In this case the cat left behind might be upset by the absence of his brother and because he feels upset and unsure he is expressing this as aggression. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but i come across this time and time again. Yes you completely correct you try and reintroduce them together slowly, this will give the cats time to adjust back into their secure environment and routine.
I'm sure they will calm down again and things will return to normal again soon.

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