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kitty aka chanel
kitty aka chanel  
my cat is about 7 months old and seems to be having serious pain... she is continuously crying  and hunching or crouching her back... it seems like maybe stomach pain because when i lay her flat on her back and support her back and rub her head she seems to calm down. she has drank water and i believe she's eaten...she just went pee and im not sure how long its been since she's gone number two...she's been sleeping so it maybe even seems like something that comes and goes but i think that's maybe unlikely... please respond asap cuz im not sure if i should wait till monday to see a vet or go to an ER vet. thank yo

if you think your cat is in serious pain you must take them to be seen ASAP you wouldn't wait if it was a family member.

However if you think it might just be a discomfort and that the cat is still eating and drinking then it could possible wait till monday. It may be a urine infection a bit like cystitis that makes you crouch with pain.

Unfortunately the final decision has to be yours, i cannot say what could be wrong, you are much better placed to understand your cat and to see what is happening. All i can say id if she crys out in pain when you pick her up or stroke her then take her to someone now.

I hope everything works out ok

best wishes Kate  


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