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I have a 7 yr old female moggie who has been spiteful to my 12 yr old fenale moggie whom I have had for 4 years. I really thought by now the 7 yr old would have accepted her. She spits / hisses and tried to scratch the 12 yr old and blocks her way so she cant get past her !! She has also recently started being like this with my 8 yr old persian male. They all get the same attention ... why might she be like this?

it all stems form the first seven weeks of their life. This is the short period where kittens have to be socialized and introduced to other animals so that they can easily accept them later on in life. If a cat was not exposed to other animals at this time it is much harder for them to get along. having said that, some cats will learn to tolerate other animals and will live side by side amicably. again some cats never get used to them and always see them as a threat to their territory. Thats just the way it is sometimes I'm afraid and this sounds like one of those cases.
Her behavior is also a way to assert herself as top cat, it lest the others know who's boss, it will rarely end in a fight, it's more about threat and show. usually all the cats will find their place in the group and be happy, however this will not stop your cat from re asserting herself with them.
If it seems to you that it has happened all of a sudden with one of them, it could be that that cat had stepped out of place and now your 7yrs old feels threatened by that cat also and is now trying to put them back into their place.
Don't worry too much it does sound to me quite normal at the moment.

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