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I have a cat who is 10 months old that has been spade and has lived with me since he was born. I have recently had a new roommate move in and he as a 3 month old kitten who also male but hasn't been spade yet and my cat shows hostility toward the kitten by hissing at him every time there eye connect while the kitten (I'm sure not knowing what is going)continues to try and interact with my cat. no fights have broken out yet, my cat just watches him and follows him around when he loses sight if him. I would like for them to get along even become friends do you have any tips or steps I can follow to ensure that they may get along I couldn't bare to part with either one of them.

this is normal behavior and is to do with the fact that your cat feels threatened by another male and is trying to protect his territory. I have written a page about introducing cats togeather to try and help them get on better, she my link. I hope it helps.

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