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I keep my cat's litter box in a walk in closet. Since she often pees outside the
box. I put baggies all over the carpet so I can easily clean it up, but I would
still like her to stop. I see one person said put tin foil down. I'm not sure what
that means it would take a lot of tin foil to cover the whole closet and then
what do I do leave a little path for her to get through to the box? Pine cones
and vinegar didn't seem smart either I'm afraid she'll start going outside the
closet if I do that.

it should be possible to get your cat to use only the litter tray. Here are the easiest steps to take first. Change the litter type as some cats have a preference for different types of litter, there are a few different ones around. there is even a litter which has a scent which should attract a cat, see my page here for different types of litter /cat-litter.html

The it may be worth moving the litter tray to somewhere else, it could be that its location make ths cat feel unsafe when using it.

Make sure the tray is kept clean, cats don't like to use a soiled tray.

If all else fails you could try the training method outlined on my page here /cat-litter-box.html

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