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I have a 6 month male bengal which i've owned for 4 months - he is spoilt and affectionate to the point he would sit on my lap at night and on my bed and in the morning he would crawl under the blank for some cuddles. Recently i introduced a new kitten from a vet clinic which was handed in as i felt the bengal needed company as i work 6 days. They after  only 2 days seem to be getting along great however the bengal has changed towards me and doesn't seem to want to know me much any more. He doesn't do the same things as being affectionate anymore or ever come to me when i call. I feel he is paying me back for getting another kitten but i am careful to give equal attention if not more to the bengal so he doesnt feel rejected. I am hoping with time he will go back to normal again.? He also is crying early in the morning (an unusal sound) ( he is fixed) as if he feels abandoned. What can i do? Please help.

i come across this problem a lot, when people make the understandable mistake of thinking that a cat needs the company or another cat. Unfortunately in the cat world this is not always a good thing and usually some sort of conflict or tension ensues. The kitten may not be neutered yet and so poses a threat to your existinmg pet. This means that your pet now feel a little insecure in his home and has changed his behavior accordingly.
I don't know how you introduced the two cats togetaher, the best way is very slowly over a week period where they don't get to see ecach other staright away (please see my page here about intorducing cats. /introducing-cats.htmly

All i can suggest is that you perhaps give both cats some room on there own to settle down again and then to gradually reintroduce them, this should help your cat to feel more secure again. Hopefully over time ytour cat will return to his normal self, but you must remember his world has changed and this might effect him long term.

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