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Hello, Ok I have asked a previous question on here before concerning this same kitten. Gizmo refused to stop nursing I got him to finally do that but, now he wont go to the litter box. He always goes in a corner at the other end of the house or sometimes he leaves a pile in front of the litter box or behind it. We tried taking the lid off of it because he acted like he was afraid of it. That didn't work though he is still going outside the box. I just don't know what to do showing him his mess and and putting him in the box don't seem to help either. I hope you can help me maybe there is another way I don't know about.


Normally kittens learn this kind of training from their mother, so i am assuming either he was taken away from her before the training was finished or that his mother was not a particularly good mother (sometimes happens).

Litter tray training involves isolation with the litter tray for a few days, it gives the kitten a chance to become very familiar with the tray. There are also some litters that have a specific odor which attracts them to it.
I have put a link to my page about litter tray training and to my page about litters for your information.

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