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I have been in college for two years, but living in the dormitories at school where there are strict 'no animal' policies. In May I am moving into my first apartment, which may be in a housing co-op. The co-op is essentially a large building where up to twenty people live. There are already two cats living there. I would have my own bedroom.

I would like to move my cat up to school with me. He is 15 and living at my parent's house which is 3 hours away. He is in good health.

My question has a few parts.

-Is it advisable to drive such a long distance with an older cat?
-Could he comfortably live in just my bedroom? He is fairly shy and doesn't roam too much.
-Would the sounds and smells of so many people be too chaotic for him?

Thank you for your time!


Hi Kathryn
I am going to give you my personal opinion only on this.

For me moving a old cat from his usual home environment into just one room seems rather sad. I realize that he is old and may not roam around much but his world and all his familiar sights, smells and sounds will change and this could be very stressful for him.
You may find that he starts to display some stressed behavior like urinating and defecating around the room as he tries to make his new world feel safe and secure to him.

I know this probably not what you wanted to hear, perhaps things would be different if it was a younger cat, but living in just one room for any cat is very restricting.

I wish you all the best in your new home
(perhaps a smaller animal like a gerbil would be better, only a suggestion :)



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