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Hey, how are you? I really need some help and hope you can help.Well I am gonig to sum this up as easy as possible. My cat gave birth to one kitten in my bed my male caught got close, the mother immediately flipped out, trying to grab the kitten and run. Well she ran away without it. Now for the past few hours mother and kitten have been crying. But yet, the mother will not allow the kitten to nurse. She just keeps trying to "eat" him. Im not exactly sure if grabbing the kitten so agressively is normal, so I am afraid she is trying to kill it, and I cannot see that happen. But both are crying for each other. ?? Well I ought some kitten formula at the et store and have been trying to feed the kitten but Im not sure that's even working. Also, it seems as though the mother's nipples are really hard and puzzles me whether the kitten is actually nursing. I am really confused about all this and afraid of letting the mother grab her kitten and run..Any ideas on any of these matters? I would really appreciate your help..Thanks!

yes it sounds like the male cat has frightened your female cat and now she is a bit confused and afraid. She is probably still in labor as it is unusual for only one kitten to be born. Try and keep the new kitten warm until another kitten is born then put the first kitten near the second and hopefully the female cat will except them both.
keep the make cat away from them completely for a few days.

If she will not accept the kitten it will be down to you to look after them, buy special kitten milk and use either a pipette or spoon to feed him and keep him warm.

Hopefully your female cat will settle down once she has finished giving birth.

Best wishes


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