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I have just gotten two new kittens a week ago. My older cat is not taking to them at all, he keeps on hissing and growling at me and my boyfriend. We have put the kittens in there own room. But the older cat stays out in the garden the whole day we do play with him out there. He only comes into the house at night to sleep and usually sleeps in the corner, before he slept on the bed. He will not go passed the kittens room at all. Now with the older cat staying in the garden during the day we have let the kittens run around the house when we are there. I don't know what to do to have the older cat tolerate the kittens. I don't know if I should maybe lock them in the house together for a few days or if I must just let nature take it's course. What do you suggest.

introducing new cats to an existing pet does have to be handles delicately to ensure that they have the best chance of getting on together, however i must warn you that that does not always happen and sometimes they will just tolerate each other.
However there is a method of introducing cats to each other, it can be slow but it allows the cats a chance to get used to each other without fear of stress. I have written a web page about it here

Hopefully with this sort of training they will be able to get along better in a few weeks. :)



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