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Okay, so I live with my parents & eight cats in a 2 floor home with a refurbished basement. One of these cat's names is Lizzy...or Elizabeth Pemberly (mom named her), she is 12 years old (had her since she was 2), very dainty (about 8 pounds & most of that is fur!) & VERY affectionate. As soon as I rub her, regardless if she is laying or sitting, she gets on her tip toes & starts to rub against my hand or whatever she can rub against. Whilst doing that, she'll rub the surface she is sitting on to the point were her whole upper body is laying on the table, while her lower body is completely in the air. After doing this she will literally FLOP over on her side & start kneading the air. But here is the thing: she hates, and when I say hates I can't emphasize HATES enough, to be held or even picked up. She will scratch, claw, anything to get out of being held. I think the longest I have ever held her was 3 seconds. I can recall 2 times where she even sat in my lap. Though she loves getting attention. Even after she scratches my arms all up from putting her in a cage to go to the vet, or even just trying to pick her up, not a second later she's back to being loving and attention seeking. Do you have any opinion on why she would act this why? Or why she is this way?  

*Sorry this was so long and thank you for reading!

this is a common problem, well it's not really a problem it's more to do with how they were brought up during the first seven weeks of their lives and also how they are picked up.
there is a period during the first seven weeks of a kittens life where it is important to "socialize" the cat, ie introduce it to as many people as possible, as many animals as possible, as many experiences as possible including being picked up. if they miss this vital training during this time it is much more difficult later on to get them used to things. Also being picked up can be a very scary thing for a cat, for instance they are letting go of all control and giving someone else all the power, even if they trust and love this person it can still be very difficult. My own cat has never liked to be picked up, she will now tolerate it for a while but this is only because we now pick her up in such a way that she feels very secure, ie no legs dangling and her whole body being supported.

So i would n't worry too much about it and i would say that given her age she won't change now, as i say when you do pick her up you need to pick her up quickly and firmly and tuck her under your arm with all her legs supported.

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