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hello id would like to ask you about a 3 week old kitten him hand raising it seems to love kitten formula i purchased at the vets she has 4 mils every 4 to 5 hours but i have noticed her belly is hard and bloated i have been to the vet several times with not putting on weight, dire, she was put on diluted milk and pro biotic and antibiotics they have all finished now but she loves her milk and i have noticed she has a bloated belly i don't know if she is over fed or what but she has a bit of dire again so i have diluted her milk down i would like some advice on what else i can try she is only 156 games but seems healthy and very lively can you please help

am assuming that the milk is specail cat milk and not just diluted normal cows milk. I say this because cats are lactose intollerant to cows milk and it gives them diarrea and bloated tummies.

I would suggest that you try to take her off of the milk and give her only water and try to feed her some special kitten food. Give it to her on your finger a little at a time until she gets the idea and then feed her small amounts of food several times a day. remeber a kittens tummy is small and it can take several hours for a small amount of food to be digested.

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