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I have two cats who have been together for four years. Recenty the older one went into the vets to have an opperation for three days. Now she is back home andthe younger cat will not go near her but hisses and growls. They have always got along really well and my older cat doesnt respond to the hisses but mearly looks abit lost.
Any advice would be great.
Many thanks

this is a common reaction and is known as trauma aggression. It is when something upsets one cat and takes their fear out on the other cat. Now going to the vets is never fun for a cat and the cat that was left behind is now fearful of the other cat one because they probably smell of the vets a little, and two they probably look different or are behaving differently. This can all be very unnerving.

It will take time for your cat to relax and regain their confidence in the other cat again. It may be an idea to keep them apart for a few days and let things settle down. Rub your sick cats scent around door frames and furniture etc. by using a towel, this will help your other cat become familiar with them again. then gradually reintroduce them under your supervision for a few minutes every day until they seem to relax around each other gain.

I know it does sound like a funny reaction but i have heard of this happening time and again. Don't worry, time will calm them down again.

best wishes


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