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I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine, who has a 2 year old male tonkinese. He is not neutered,she adopted him from an elderly couple who had another tonkinese that he did not get along with. She has had him for approximately 6 months now, he shares the household with a male siberian husky, her two kids (one sixteen and one eleven) and her husband. Everything was fine at first, but recently, within the last two months or so, he has begun urinating on clothes/blankets that are left on the floor. He is not spraying, just squatting and peeing on fabrics that are left on the floor. He is an excellent cat otherwise, he is very well behaved, and very affectionate, excellent personality. Because of this problem, she has recently begun considering to give him away, the last straw being that he had peed on her bed. I don't know what the issue is, he gets equal attention and affection from everyone as does the dog. The dog does chase him though, he is only 2 years old himself, and is very playful,and wants to play with the cat. I don't know if he is not taking well to the noise from the kids and the harassment of the dog, or if this is maybe an issue of him not being neutered, or having a urinary tract problem. He is a sweet cat, and I would take him in a minute if it weren't for this problem.I have no kids, it is just my boyfriend and I and we live by ourselves. Did you ever hear of this issue before? Any suggestions on what this may be would be appreciated.

i would say that not having him neutered is definately a reason for this beahvior. He is a tom cat trying to conrol his environement and making it smell of him, he has other animals and children who in his eyes are on his territory and so he is using his urine to mark everywhere. It could also be a stress thing as well if he feels overwhelmed with all the activity in the home.

If it were me i would have him neutered as this will calm him down so that he doesn't feel so territorial, it may also help him to relax around the other animals etc.

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